Three Earth-Friendly Energy Forms And How They Are Changing The World

There is a movement taking place all around the world. When you walk out of your home you can breathe it in, and it can even light your way home at night. This is the green energy movement, which seeks to provide earth-friendly energy forms to people all around the world. There have been significant advances in these green energies, allowing them to change the way that we live. We will explore three of the most profound types of green energy and see the benefits that they offer.

Solar Powered Energy
Only a decade ago, solar-powered energy appeared to be completely infeasible. After all, it only powered about one percent of the total energy used in the United States. However, in recent years solar energy has been introduced in all areas of the market, from private to commercial interests. This green energy source has been installed on the roofs of businesses and homes, and even on telephone poles to provide energy-efficient street lights. As it continues to become easier and more cost effective to install the panels, it appears that solar-powered energy will be one of the greatest sources of energy in the future.

Hydro Power
Many people know the simplest implementation of Hydro Power: building dams run water over turbines, producing free, green energy. While this is a viable source of energy, they also have a larger impact on the local ecology than many would care to admit. That is why tidal hydro power is being introduced in areas offshore of countries as the latest green, earth-friendly source of green energy. This tidal power uses the changing tides to turn blades which are attached to turbines, thereby creating electricity in the same way as a hydroelectric facility. This method is believed to have a negligible effect on the environment, and can produce significant amounts of energy.

Geothermal Energy
Another one of the most plentiful sources of earth-friendly green energy comes directly from the Earth. The natural heat that is produced within the Earth can be harnessed to produce steam, power turbines, and generate electricity. The power plants that generate geothermal energy have no environmental effect and can be used to generate enough electricity for several local towns without producing any harmful waste. While this energy source is still in its infancy, it has already captured the attention of nations along tectonic plate boundaries, where the geothermal heat is most easily harnessed. The state governments in certain parts of the United States, such as California, are hoping that this green energy generator will be used to generate a significant portion of their electricity in the near future.

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