Best Smoothies For Going Green

I believe many of you know about the benefits of eating greens – fruits and vegetables – that are not cooked and have lots of vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants. What not all of you know is that these greens can be served as a ‘DRINK’. That’s right – a drink and this works wonders especially for those of you that would not even think to eat the vegetables or the fruits as a green-earthwhole. Both the fruits and the vegetables should be raw – as in not cooked in any kind, but also ripe – meaning you will not use a banana or a mango in your smoothie that is not ripe.

Smoothies are made from blended fruits and leafy greens. This makes a delicious drink, and for those of you that simply can’t stand eating a leafy vegetable like – let’s say spinach – mixing them with fruits is the best thing do to because the end result will be a good tasting drink, full of vitamins, nutrients, antioxidants and lots and lots of energy.

Smoothies are not only good for your health, but they do represent a safe and healthy alternative to loosing weight. The vitamin intake coming from the smoothie will replenish what your body uses daily, and this is the best alternative for any other kind of diet. You will not have to eat food that you don’t like and also you will not have to make strenuous exercise, because this kind of alternative food will help you loose weight, keep your tonus and improve the energy level.

This being said, let’s see some tips for going green:

Preparing the Smoothies

Because a green smoothie can and will improve the quality of your life, you should know how to properly prepare it. There are a few items that you need, and all of them you surely own them, so you won’t need to buy extra items.
So, this is what you will need:

• A blender – If you don’t have it, it’s a cheap investment to make for a better life;

greenenergy• A knife – Preferably it should be sharp;

• A cutting board.

Usually, when making a green smoothie, you will need between 3 and 5 ingredients. Even so, after you will try out at least a few of them, you will find out what are your favorites and what should you use more or less in any of them.

o Smoothie of Lime and Pear

• 1 Lime;
• 3 Pears;
• Agaves nectar;
• Leafy greens – any you may like;

o Smoothie of Peaches and Bananas

• Peaches -2;
• Bananas – 2 or 3;
• Some mint;
• Leafy greens – any you may like;

o Smoothie of Nectarines and Blueberries

• Blueberries – 2 cups;
• Nectarines – 2 or 3;
• Avocado – 1;
• Leafy greens – any you may like;

Keep in Mind

green-leaf-auto• First of all, you should know if you have any kind of allergy for any of the presented fruits or vegetables. There are some of them that can cause some problems if you are sensible if ingesting them or they can aggravate some illness that you might have.

• For example, if you know you have problems with your thyroid, you should know that collard contains some substances that can be bad for your hypothyroidism. Before having more than 1 smoothie made with collard leaves, you should ask your doctor for permission or advice.

• Another example is the use of Swiss chard. Those who have a history with kidney stones should be careful when using too much chard. Also, because this has a lot of K vitamin, you should pay attention to ingesting too much of this, because it can interfere with drugs prescribed as anticoagulants or thinners for blood.

go-green-articles-going-green-article-green-concepts-and-projects-1584x1366• Be very careful to wash all your fruits and anything you use in a smoothie very well before blending.

• Don’t go for a diet based only on green smoothies. Your body needs a lot of nutrients and vitamins, and even if the contribution of these smoothies is very relevant, in the end it will not be enough for a complete diet.

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